UBC BizTech Experience: #PARTNERS

To the future #partners team,

I was sitting on the Canada Line ready to go home from a coffee chat when I remembered that my friend, Bob was shamelessly plugging UBC BizTech’s hiring Facebook post on one of our group chats. I intensively researched what UBC BizTech was all about during my 45-min commute because the application deadline was in 48 hours but I still had zero knowledge about the club.

UBC BizTech just won Top Large Club for 2015-2016 and I thought “Whoah, this club is legit and waayyyy out of my league.” Nonetheless, I decided to just go for it because first of all, there wasn’t really time to contemplate on this decision. But most importantly, I applied because “Take CTRL of your life” was on their website. I laughed a little bit too hard when I saw that pun on the train but I loved it.

I have never been more nervous coming into the interview. I think I had 3 of my friends prepare me for the interview because I wanted to prove that I can be a Partnership Officer even though I didn’t have any direct experience with this portfolio before.

But, being a Partnership Officer for BizTech has been quite an experience for me. I learned a lot and I had a lot of fun. If you who were wondering what it’s like to be a Partnership Officer, here are some words of wisdom:

#1: The ability to work alone is crucial.

You may have a team of other Partnership Officers but there’s only so much they can do to help you. They can give you tips and advice but at the end of the day, you are the person talking to these companies. You have to be comfortable speaking on behalf of the organization alone.

#2: Research.

Research, research, research. What does the company do? Why should they partner with your organization? It’s easier to talk to these company representatives if you actually know what they do.

#3: Learn how to wait.

You should contact your companies early on because there’s a lot of buffer time in between. These individuals are busy people who probably won’t respond within 3 days. Learn how to be patient and don’t freak out when they don’t reply right away.

#4: Be comfortable sending follow up emails.

It’s a little uncomfortable to send follow up emails at first but…you have to do it.

#5: Get ready for rejection.

Sometimes, it just doesn’t happen. No matter how much you tried. You just have to remain resilient.


Warmest Regards,



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